Workout Dresses

Do you play tennis? For those of you who have a passion for exercising, you know that you can perform a complete workout in a dress. In fact, most of the time that women are on the court, dresses are the preferred outfit, especially when the weather warms up. Lots of brands are getting hip to this because they're coming out with exercise dresses that are ideal for women's wear in spring.

But it doesn't stop with your athletic workouts, because a workout dress is great for hiking, errands, walking the dog, visiting with friends at the park, and just lounging around the house.

The term "exercise dress" has become a regularly used term in the industry of women's fashion. So now these types of dresses are in demand to the point where they are synonymous with other descriptive terms such as sports dress and workout dress (and maybe a few others). Yes, someone out there started it all, but regardless of who, some well-known brands have jumped on board with the idea.

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